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There are hundreds of mortgages products out there, each with different features and costs. How do you pick the most appropriate one for you? Do the words "needle" and "haystack" come to mind? If so, we've got the magnet to find that needle for you. It's called expert mortgage advice. We research the mortgage market for you so you don't have to. That means you don't have to worry that you've chosen the wrong deal. Sound interesting?

Call us now for help exploring your options, but meanwhile, here is a brief overview.

Standard Variable Rate Loan - (SVR)

This loan has traditionally been buyer's most popular choice. "Variable rate" means the interest rate will change as market rates rise and fall. Loan terms are normally up to 30 years. Many lenders offer a "package discount" on this style of loan, so be sure to check and ask what the lender's "package discount" is off the advertised SVR when we talk.


  • Offers many features and flexibility like: unlimited extra repayments, redraw, offset facility, and more...
  • When the interest rate drops, your repayment will drop.
  • Initial interest rate is usually lower than a comparable fixed rate mortgage


  • When the interest rate rises, your repayment will rise.
  • Requires more budgeting discipline

Introductory Rate Loan

Also known as a 'honeymoon' loan. Usually offers a reduced rate of 1-1.5% below the standard variable loan for the first 6-12 months. Normally targeted at first home buyers.


  • Usually the lowest rate available, but only for the introductory term.
  • Allows more affordable repayments initially which may be attractive for buyers struggling with the purchase costs.


  • Usually numerous terms and conditions are attached.
  • Rate reverts to standard variable rate after introductory term.
  • May work out more expensive in the long term.

Fixed Rate Loan

The loan interest rate will not change for the agreed period (usually up to 5 years). Therefore, your repayments will not change. Be sure to ask about "Rate Lock" facilities if using this style of loan.


  • A rise in market interest rates will not affect your loan and repayments.
  • Helps with budgeting as your repayments are constant.


  • You will pay a premium on the standard variable rate. The longer the fixed period, the higher the premium.
  • Usually restrictions are placed on making extra repayments.
  • If you wish to discharge or refinance the loan during the fixed period, you will pay a penalty.
  • If interest rates go down, you will still be locked into the higher interest rate.

Line of Credit Loans

Interest only loans, meaning only the interest amount needs to be paid each month. Therefore, the loan balance never reduces unless you make extra repayments. Usually no set loan term and they can be repaid or redrawn at any time.


  • A useful way to access funds quickly up to a pre-agreed limit and for any purpose.
  • Total flexibility with paying and redrawing money. Just pay the interest each month!
  • Cheaper rates than credit cards or personal loans


  • Applicable interest rates are generally higher than for standard home loans.
  • Must be strict when budgeting otherwise the loan will never be paid off

Split Loans

One portion of the loan has a variable interest rate with P& I. The other portion has a fixed rate & or a Line Of Credit as well.


  • Allows you to limit exposure to interest rate fluctuations whilst at the same time receiving the benefits offered by a variable rate loan.
  • Receive a separate statement for each split.
  • May be attractive for someone paying off an investment loan and home loan as they can operate through the one account.


  • May be extra establishment fees and account keeping fees on each split

Lo-doc Loans

Designed for individuals, with irregular income patterns,or those not able to provide documentary evidence of income. at the time of application Eg. Self-employed for a short period, small business owners, no tax returns or incomplete tax returns, contractors etc.


  • Ability to obtain loans with limited income proof required.
  • Tax returns and Financial statements may not be required.


  • Usually has a higher interest rate.
  • The lender may limit the loan-to-value ratio.
  • Greater chance mortgage insurance will be required.

    What sort of Vehicle or Equipment Finance do you require?

    Let Mobile Mortgage Services know and we can advise the best option for you including: In most cases we will work with Darren Goodman of Vow Financial Leasing . Darren specialises in Equipment Finance and we highly recommend his services.

    Types of Equipment Finance Available

    • Finance Lease
    • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
    • Chattel Mortgage
    • Novated Lease
    • Operating Lease or Rental
    • Tax and GST Implications
    • Car Buying Service

      Mobile Mortgages has a number of commercial lenders including the majors to assist with providing the best solution for you.

      SELF MANAGED SUPER FUNDS:We are also accredited to offer loans through your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

      Do you need a new factory, new office space or We can assist with:

      • Industrial land
      • Factory
      • Offices
      • Construction
      • Development
      • Leasing
      • Business Lending

        Mobile Mortgage Services works with Vow Wealth financial planning and they offer solutions for all your financial needs. Vow Wealth provides a personalised, independent service that offers real choice and quality service.

        A Vow Wealth Advisor can

        • Give direction and meaning to your financial decisions;
        • Put a strategy in place to help you build and protect your income and investments;
        • Assist you to plan for major changes in your personal circumstances, e.g. retirement;
        • Help you understand the long-term effects of your financial decisions;
        • Help you monitor progress towards achieving your financial goals.

        Wealth Protection

        Financial protection insurance forms a critical part of the financial planning process, providing financial security for you and your family. Put simply, financial protection insurance is there to provide you with protection against the financial implications of an event such as death, disablement, serious illness or injury.
        There are a range of insurance options available that can be tailored to suit your needs and personal situation. The most common types of risk insurance include:

        Income Protection

        In the event that you are unable to work due to prolonged illness or injury, income protection provides you with a monthly benefit of up to 75 per cent of your salary. This is paid while you are unable to return to the workforce, up to age 65.

        Life Insurance

        Life insurance helps alleviate the financial burden your family may be left with after your death. Usually paid as lump sum, your dependants can use this money at their discretion to assist with medical costs, funeral expenses or help secure their future.

        Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

        This is generally taken as an optional extra within a life insurance policy, but can also be arranged as a stand-alone policy. In broad terms it provides a lump sum in the event of a permanent disability that prevents you from returning to work.


        Trauma insurance is generally paid as a lump sum upon diagnosis of an eligible condition (eg cancer, heart disease), and the funds can be used at your discretion.
        For more information on how financial protection insurance can help secure your financial future, speak to your Vow Wealth adviser.

          Home & contents, Landlords cover

          Mobile Mortgage Services through Vow Financial is an accredited partner with Allianz. Allianz is part of a global group with over 100 years of experience. By providing quality cover, Allianz is able to protect what's important to you and your family with a minimum of fuss. That's why Allianz is the first choice insurer for over 75 million people worldwide, including over two million Australians. And it's the reason why we have partnered with Allianz to refer Allianz insurance to you.

          Allianz offers a range of insurance products to meet your individual needs. With Allianz you can be confident you're getting great service and comprehensive levels of cover at a competitive price. Allianz understands how important it is to settle your claim quickly. We have a dedicated team to help lodge your claim and ensure that the process is as simple as possible.

          Simply call the dedicated Allianz Line on 1300 203 050 and quote our referrer number of: DPHHD01

          If your insurance is coming up for renewal or you would just like to do a comparison with your current provider, why not give Allianz a call to obtain a quote. A great feature of Allianz's solutions is the fact that if you choose to pay monthly, there is no additional policy fee.

          You could also save with a No Claim Bonus of up to 30% on your home insurance and a discount of up to 10% when you combine your home building and contents cover on the same policy. You can also choose to protect your valuable personal items against loss or damage, anytime, anywhere in Australia (with limited overseas cover).

          Motor Vehicle Insurance

          We know how difficult life can be without your car. Allianz car insurance will help you to get back on the road in no time. Mobile Mortgage Services will be happy to obtain quotes for you at the time of doing your home & contents of landlords.

          Conveyance & Legal Service

          Mobile Mortgage Services is proud to be partners with Vow Legal. Vow Legal's revolutionary online conveyance services are tailored to make your conveyance fast, assessable and affordable, without sacrificing the quality of their service. Vow legal covers all types of conveyance from buying and selling houses, vacant land, units or townhouses.

          Property Law and Conveyance

          Over the past decade there has been an increase in the level of complexity and skill required to complete a property transaction. Vow Legal national property law expertise ensures that when you are buying or selling a house, unit or land, your rights will be protected and we make sure that every step of the transaction is complied with accordingly.

          Buying or selling a property is often one of your largest financial investments so it is vital that you obtain the right advice during this process. If you do not comply with your contractual obligations you risk losing your deposit and/or being sued for damages. Furthermore, it is imperative that the relevant title and other searches are undertaken to investigate exactly what you are buying. Vow Legal practitioners have over 38 years of collective property law experience so you can rest assured that when instructing our firm you will receive a professional service that surpasses the competition.

          Our bespoke systems software allows you to track the process of your conveyance online, so you receive the same level of service but at a very competitive price. Vow Legal prides itself on being at the vanguard of technology and our online conveyance service means that geography is no barrier to us providing specialist conveyance services throughout Australia.

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